Vessel Designers and CAD/CAM Software 

Since its foundation, the design office CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR,S.L. has become one of the top technological companies in the Spanish shipbuilding industry. A high degree of specialisation as designer of all type of vessels allied to a program of continuous CAD/CAM software development is the key factor in the company’s success.
From its origins as CINTRA,S.A. -founded in 1964-, CINTRANAVAL,S.L. claims a special position because of its prolific activity, having designed more than 600 vessels to date. This vast experience ranges from preliminary design to production engineering, spanning all the stages of the project and subsequent construction.
In March 2003, CINTRANAVAL, S.L. merged with the Madrid-based technical consultancy DEFCAR Ingenieros,S.L., a company of CAD/CAM software programmers and originator of The DEFCAR System, which is used in 24 countries. This move combined design and programming experience, with the aim of offering new and innovative products and services in the marine field. The result was the company CINTRANAVALDEFCAR, S.L.
With the intention of responding to the ever more demanding requirements of the market, and being conscious that swift response and capacity to offer complete packages are essential requirements to success, the CINTRANAVAL GROUP was founded in June 2005.


Hydrodynamics ans ship propulsion

Following this policy, CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR,S.L. became the majority shareholder in SISTEMAR,S.A.,  the company specialised in hydrodynamics and ship propulsion.
Staffed by naval architects noted for their important research into hydrodynamics, SISTEMAR is the originator of the high-efficiency CLT (Contracted and Loaded Tip) Propeller. After many years of research and development, and using unconventional geometry of blades, SISTEMAR created this special design, which can offer not only lower fuel consumption, but also a substantial reduction of noise and vibration levels when compared with conventional ones. To date, more than 275 CLT propellers have been installed.
Besides promoting high-efficiency CLT propellers and being involved in international research, development and innovation (socalled R+D+I) programmes, SISTEMAR works as a consultant in hydrodynamics. This is a key stage during the project of the vessel and such expertise allows more efficient hull forms to be created, thus minimising resistance.


International Project Coordination

 With shipbuilding becoming almost totally globalised today, it is absolutely necessary to seek collaboration agreements with other countries. Nevertheless, this prospect is not affordable for many companies, because of its structure and the necessity to fulfil very short delivery times plus the need to divert staff into external projects. To try and overcome this problem, and with the aim of supporting shipowners and shipyards in international deals, SIATEG,S.L. became part of the CINTRANAVAL Group since June 2005.

Having a broad international experience, SIATEG’s experts offer the following services:
  • Consulting on mixed construction of vessels in both Spanish and foreign shipyards
  • Logistics of international projects
  • Technology transfer, training and technical assistance abroad
  • Technical and commercial support to shipowners in other countries

Likewise, SIATEG,S.L. also coordinates international operations for CINTRANAVAL Group, having the technical support of all its companies.

Shipping consulting

In June 2005, the consultancy company specialized in maritime and port services, Bilbao Plaza Marítima,S.L., established a cooperation agreement with CINTRANAVALDEFCAR, S.L, splitting the company in BILBAO PLAZA MARÍTIMA SHIPPING and Bilbao Plaza Marítima Puertos, and incorporating the former to CINTRANAVAL GROUP.
BILBAO PLAZA MARÍTIMA SHIPPING focuses its services on the following fields:
  • Technical, commercial and legal advising.
  • Auditing services
  • Inspections for shipowners during the construction of the vessel.
  • Monitoring and settlement of guaranties, not only for the owner but also for the shipyard.
  • Feasability and operation studies.
  • Preparation of Regulatory Manuals in Spanish, English and French (SOPEP, SOLAS, Fire Protection, cargo securing manual, etc…or any type of manual that may be required by the Spanish Administration, IMO or US Coast Guard).

 On the other hand, BILBAO PLAZA MARÍTIMA SHIPPING has a broad experience as marine consultants, having done many studies and technical advisory services all over the world. It’s worth underlining its contribution to Short Sea Shipping (SSS), working for some European Organizations and Port Authorities. In addition, many feasibility studies of shipyards and fishing ports from South America to South East Asia have been carried out to date.


The CINTRANAVAL Group is currently made up of four different companies linked by very close collaboration agreements. Their services are focused on:

  1. Ship design and marine CAD/CAM software: CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR,S.L.
  2. Hydrodynamics and ship propulsion: SISTEMAR,S.A.
  3. Shipping consulting: BILBAO PLAZA MARITIMA SHIPPING,S.L.
  4. International project coordination: SIATEG,S.L.
 All of them look for synergies to give a more complete and efficient service to the client, working under the same common culture:
  • Customised service.
  • High flexibility and swift response.
  • Close collaboration with the best specialists.
  • Complete independence from governmental and financial institutions, shipyards and shipowners.
The CINTRANAVAL Group is staffed by professionals of prestige who have been working in the shipbuilding industry for a long time. Without any kind of doubt, it supposes a new stage of collaboration with shipyards and shipowners, giving them a technological and logistic support that will allow them to adapt to the more and more demanding requirements of the market.


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